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There is a rappin ass rap group called Tanya Morgan that you should know about....I did an interview with 1/3 of the Group, his name is Von Pea and his website is called
go figure..

Von Pea is not only a talented lyricist but a beatmaker/producer as well.

Donwill, and Illyas are the other two members and they do this hippity hop thing pretty darn well...


Take a listen to SO DAMN DOWN the new single and PLEASE let me know how you like it!

WALK MY WAY is one of my favorite songs from TANYA MORGAN, they put on a GREAT live show!

The wop is the mandatory dance for this particular's in their contract.

Now for the interview...please try to contain yourself 'till it's over.

TQ: So, Von pea for people who never heard of Tanya Morgan can you tell me who and what the group is all about??

VP: the group is myself, donwill, and ilyas. they're from cincinnati and i'm from brooklyn. donwill moved to brooklyn in 2007, and ilyas is still living in cincinnati. a lot of people say we have a native tongue vibe to us, we just try to entertain and bring a fun vibe to our music.

TQ: Tell me about your first album, and what you learned about the music making process

VP: We did our first album called "moonlighting" back in 2004 and it was more of a glorified demo. it didn't release til 2006 and it got a lot of critical acclaim but listening to it now it definitely sounds like a demo. im proud of it. I don't even know what I learned specifically from that experience, as far as the music goes. it was such a learning experience from behind the scenes though...putting that album out and trying to promote it definitely was a dose of reality. I compare it to rap college. I left the nest and stepped out there with the crew and it was tough, still is. from that album to now the main thing I learned musically is to not give up on your idea because when you half ass it, it'll sound half assed forever. that's the song forever.

TQ: Who or what influenced you to start making music?

VP: Jazzy jeff and the fresh prince, another bad creation, big daddy kane, tribe called quest and de la soul. as a kid I got into jeff and fresh prince because they were fun, and abc because they were kids too. then kane was just ill, and de la was mad creative. then tribe just kicked my ass and that was it for

TQ: Who are your top 5 emcees/producers?

VP: Posdnuos, common on a good day (lol), black thought, phonte, and...why am I drawing a blank? I like so many mcs. already know the 3, primo, pete, dilla...and 9th wonder, and the neptunes

TQ: Does the name of your group ever confuse people?

VP: Hell yes! not as much as before but still a lot. its just a name though, plenty of people have names that don't really mean anything we just chose the most obvious haha

TQ: I know you tour a lot, did you ever think you would be where you are now?

VP: Yes and no. honestly I knew I would one day make music and people would like it but I didn't imagine the details. I never doubted I could make good music but touring, meeting fans, having artists I love know who I am..I never imagined that!

TQ: what part of the world do you get the best reception?

VP: L.A. and victoria, bc in canada. I don't know what's up with us in L.A., but it seems like our music connected with them more than anywhere else in the U.S. I think its because los angeles hip hop has always been about lyrics AND the party, and we rap about having fun while having lyrics so they connect with that. and in victoria we had people screaming and shit lol

TQ: who have you worked with?

VP: The Justus League, Nicolay, Torae, kidz in the hall, Blu, aok collective, 88 keys, A plus from Souls of Mischief, illmind, The Lessondary, Piakhan, Pumpkinhead & Jean Grae, and once again im drawing a blank... also a lot of other folks.

TQ: How long has Rachel Stewart (Target Queen) been ghost writing for you??

VP: 2 hours.

TQ: When am i gonna start getting my royalty checks??

VP: in 3 hours.

*blank stare*

TQ: Tell me about the new album

VP: The album is called brooklynati, and if you have the time, go have some fun over at its a website made up of all of the "attractions" of brooklynati.

TQ: How does it feel to be a sex symbol?

VP: Oh, its great being Slimzel Washington. its great!

"brooklynati" may 12th everywhere!!!!!!!!!

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