Sunday, March 22


steppin out, originally uploaded by okpauset.

Me and my baby went to a wonderful resturant names "SOLAS" downtown, he didnt bring his camera much to my dismay, I wanted to show you guys how beautiful this place is...the food was UNREAL..fried lobster and portabello fries...I wanted to slap my mama it was soo good..

Dress - target
jacket - thrift
jewlery - target
shoes - nine west
belt - target
bag - Gucci -( not seen but HEARD)


Steff said... I need to go to Target with you because you be killing it with the Target clothes.

Foxy not-so Brown said...

haha...girl come on!

Phillyjawn said...

love this outfit..cute accessories!

L. Michelle Speight said...

You missed out on the 75% off sale at your favorite store. I got shirts 4 $4.48. You did look fly and i have to give it to you. I'm not mad just tired of people.

Foxy not-so Brown said...

girl...why u aint tell me???