Tuesday, April 14

NEW MUSIC FROM PHZ-SICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey ya'll, I interviewed up and coming artist PHZ-SICKS recently and he has some new music with an interesting concept, I like this and you will too..I know ya'll trust my taste in music, so please download the single "Then & Now" and tell me and HIM how you like it, your feedback is greatly appreciated...Ladies, this is one you'll love.

"Whaddup World,

This is PHZ-Sicks here and this is the first song I'm dropping off "Less Than Zero" mixtape. "Less Than Zero" is a movie in a mixtape that follows the up and downs of artist Kristofer Williams as he tries to find his place in the world. "Then & Now" is a song ;produced by the Swag Kids, that takes a look at the history of black women showing that oppression of them did not just stop after slavery but continues on to this day. Hope you feel it and enjoy. Peace"

PHZ-Sicks - Then & Now (Produced by Swag Kids)


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