Tuesday, June 2


Day one went by fine, I was hungry but not starving....the saltwater flush is the hardest, after that its smooth sailing through the day with the lemonade and tea.
I fixed dinner as usual and I was soooo tempted to eat a piece of steak but I didnt do it..the house smelled so good all evening and it made my stomach rumble but I stayed focused.
im one day 2 now, woke up this morning feeling lighter, I dont have a scale (bummer) I have no idea if I lost any weight, it would be water weight at this point anyway, but I DO feel lighter, my face looks a bit slimmer...
I plan to work out today too....

stay tuned.


BTheSTylist said...

WOw---wat does this cleanse consist of??

Foxy not-so Brown said...

do a google search for THE MASTER CLEANSE.
basically its a liquid diet, consisting of all the ingredients you see in the picture, it works, but you cant eat, im going for 10-15 days.
im hungry but its not that bad.