Tuesday, June 2


Well i'm at the end of day 2, wow, everything smelled soo good!, I went to Target and stayed an hour longer than I should have because it smelled so good in there, every isle had a different temptation, I ended up buying a whole bunch of food for my son and boyfriend to eat that I really wanted for myself, even the box of organic oats looked awesome, so I bought two!

Yes, i was hungry today but it was tolerable, I drank some water or tea and the hunger went away, I felt good not energetic, im sure that will come soon, my boyfriend told me my face looks slimmer, I wish I had a scale!

I look forward to day 3 and getting this over with, my plan after the cleanse is to do a 70% raw diet, i'm researching that right now and getting meal ideas.

10-15 days is my goal..who knows, I may go longer.

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