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So.... I make a post about Matthew Larkin Cassell a few months ago, many of you never heard of him but you SHOULD.

put the board down and get in the studio

the unassuming Matthew...I didnt know they had glamour shots back then.

I fell in love with this track "My life" and since then i've been gathering as much info on the man as I could, there isnt much..I know for a fact there are only 3 maybe 4 pictures of him on the entire

So..I'm home on the 4th of July being lazy, chillin in my bed with my laptop, I check my email and DAMN, Matthew Larkin Cassell sends me an! giddy, before I even open it..what could he possibly want with lil' ole me???

He said he likes my art, and appreciates the kind words I said about his music, he likes to reach out to people who appreciate his work..I was so geeked...this is the most obscure person you will ever hear about, and i'm shooting the shit with never know who reads your blog people.

..and thats not even it, he sends me not ONE but TWO you know how rare this is??
The pictures i've posted are of a private press (#67 out of 100) recorded in 2008 with 2 songs on it titled 'meaning of it all' and 'blind as love can be'..I absolutely love them both, this man can sing with so much soul..sounded like a brother I swear..not to mention the beautiful melodic music and production.

I also received a '45 of 2 songs made in 1980 'love to love' and 'when I go down'..super rare and super excellent.

I'm still high of this whole exchange....and Matthew if you are reading this thank you again and again, these have become my prized posessions, I will cherish them always...and if you ever you want some art just take your pick Bro.

Her is a another article about Matthew included are some links to more of his music:
More MLC

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i recently discovered his music.dopeness!!