Wednesday, September 2


I had a great fucking time Saturday night, I went to see my friends perform the hip-hop group TANYA MORGAN, also performing was KOOLEY HIGH, BLOUNT HARVEY, CARLITTA DURAND and MEDIAN ( i just found out Median is my neighbor..small world)

I ran into an OLD friend K-HILL we go waaaaaay back, I aint seen this dude in 20 years, check him out on myspace, also an old band mate, ALI GOINS, he is a great musician and just as silly as he can be....we may hook back up on the music tip soon!

I was pleasantly surprised to run into 2 of my favorite bloggers, The pretty Brown Girl of
52 FLAVORS !!!! her blog is all about NAIL POLISH!! I love it!

AND Carolina of REALIZE: DESIRE OF PARADISE, this girl LOVES TO EAT as you'll see by her blog!

All the pictures were taken by my talented boyfriend, Chris Charles of CREATIVE SILENCE
check him out!

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The Pretty Brown Girl said...

That was a dope show and I had a great time! It was incredible meeting you! I knew who you were from across the room and just had to say hi! I'm sure we'll meet again either here in DC or back down in Raleigh, as I do so looovve the South! :)