Sunday, December 27


I ordered this cassette tape tote bag a few weeks ago, and I am in love...
check it out!
I got it from THINK GEEK.COM

Now im on the hunt for more....
im gonna start collecting them

I like this too
get it HERE 


most of these work with your ipod and have working speakers!!


Deborah Jones said...

damn! I want all of them! you're such an enabler! but not before I get one of your fabulous earrings!

Foxy not-so Brown said...

Come on and collect with me Deborah!
I have to have them so serious!!!

C@mshaft said...

Those are awesome! Thanks for posting these I found them off of anothers ladies blog. I'm subscribing to your blog, how awesome :D

Beautiful earings and headband you do as well! Keep up the amazing work.


Foxy not-so Brown said...

thank you Cammy!
let me know if you get one of these bags...send a picture, i'll post it!

ReunionRadio said...

Damn that shit is fresh! I need to get one .... for my girl of course ... yeah thats it ... it's for her *wink* lol

Keena said...

i own the last one with the speakers, the pink one, but in black. i love it and it holds alot. warning, it does drain your ipod battery. but it definitely plays music. not extremely loud, but loud enough!