Friday, June 25


I wanted some updated pics of my hair and new fashion I asked my S.O, Chris Charles of Creative Silence to take some shots in our home studio!

Yellow top: EBAY $2
Grey jersey pants: rugged warehouse $7
Shoes: makemechic $25

Blue dress: eshtaki $60
ethnic print blazer: ASOS $40
Kente cloth Hoodie: Hoodies for Tanya $20
Blue flower print maxi dress: macy's $30

African print soft bangles: Nakimuli $10
Wild Style Cameo: Rachel Stewart Jewelry $25


Girl in a Thunderbolt said...

The hair is looking great!
Blam!, and the some!

niki.mac said...

Love them all!

Angelique said...

Gawgus just send them all this way!!!!! LOL

Foxy not-so Brown said...

thanks ladies!!!!!!

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Love the new blog layout, and your hair is FIERCE!!!

Foxy not-so Brown said...

thank you Patrice...the site was looking a hot mess for a while and I was too lazy to fix it.!!

Mrs. Honey Dip said...

I have serious girl crush on you! You are simply beautiful!! And I love your style.

Foxy not-so Brown said...

thank you Honey Dip!! awwwwwww : )

Anonymous said...

All of those pics of your hair are so fly!!
Love it.
Nina :-)

Sing said...

Loving the yellow top.

Rockdabells said...

I love your style!!! Im a new follower..Yess!!