Thursday, June 25


Doing research of raw food I came across some information on MSM SULFUR, I always heard about the benefits of using sulfur supplements but I was never interested in my health as much as now.

I discovered the reason why my nails, hair and skin have improved so much, since I started my raw journey, our bodies need sulfur, we don't get the sulfur we need because we cook all of it out of our, since my raw food diet i'm getting the sulfur my body needs to function at it's best and look it's best, cooking food destroys most of the nutrients and enzymes we need, yes eating veggies is good, but eating them raw is better..we get everything from that food it was designed to give us, and when we microwave our meals...well you might as well eat cardboard, you have zapped every bit of life and goodness out of it, it's useless.

back to the point...I recently purchased a bottle of MSM sulfur pills to supplement my diet, I read about all the benefits and I dont wanna miss out on any of them.

here is an article (one of thousands on the web about it's benefits..please read, especially if you have hair and skin issues, it releives many ailments...



do your own reasearch dont wanna miss out on these benefits!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I will be putting a purchase on a bottle soon.

Foxy not-so Brown said...

good Robby...let me know how it goes.

L. Michelle Speight said...

I have some MSM but it doesn't say MSM sulfur. I knew it was good for pain and that is why I purchased it. Great information about it.

Foxy not-so Brown said...

girl do a google search on "msm benefits"
its for more than pain...
what does the bottle say???
im sure its sulfur...
I take 4 pills, 4,000mg a day.
im gonna get some vitamin C, they say it helps the msm work better.
im already seeing a difference in my skin in just a few days.

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you all - I am Black and have had skin problems pretty much all my life. Took Retin-A as a kid, multiple products over the years from Clearasil to the others and I began taking MSM when I was 37 just before having a hysterectomy. In my vanity, I did research about how to best help the scar heal. Being single with no kids, I didn't want to be all jacked up and self-conscious, you know? I wouldn't lie to you - after the surgery, I woke up and never even took a Tylenol for pain. NOT ONE, or the oxycontin they gave me. My doctor swore it had nothing to do with having taken MSM for several months before, but docs normally don't support that which you don't have to pay for through a prescription. I know and my friends who saw me know. Amazing.

I am now 41. I purchase MSM 1500 from GNC in NJ and take 2 tabs every morning. My hair is insanely shiny and grows rapidly. My hairdresser swears it's her; she's good, but I only see her once every 6 weeks (can't wait 8 any more) so it's not all about that one visit for a touchup. My nails are strong and my skin is radiant. I discovered later that those are some of the "side effects" of MSM, a natural form of sulfur. How cool is that for a side effect. Maybe for guys not so much.

I also discovered just a few weeks ago, after being so fascinated by these results, that this is the reason that cheap Queen Helene Mint Julep masque works so well. It has sulfur in it. In the summer when my skin is extra oily, I just do a mask 2x a week and blemishes reduce substantially. Those who say they see no results usually use it sporadically (like we all tend to do) so they don't see the benefits of disciplined regular use.

I'm very impressed and the only thing I can personally suggest is if you start taking larger doses of MSM, drink lots of water. It (the MSM) naturally flushes out of your body within 12 hours (I think, or 24) so you can't overdose or overdo it, but it can cause insomnia which I already suffer from and I can always tell when I haven't had enough water - when I'm awake at 3:00 a.m.

Just wanted you all to know. I can't recall which links I got so just Google MSM and "side effects" and just click any link for people (mostly women) raving about their hair and nails (you might find several of mine, too). And if you have skin care issues, I also use soap and face cream that has MSM and it works wonderfully and lasts a long time. I am not selling it, not a member of their company or anything, but in my research I found a lot of the other MSM creams and soaps have a lesser cocentration of MSM in them so I've stuck with these for years since I want my money to get the best value. Rarely can find it in stores so I buy online usually. Good luck all!!

Oh yeah, and what I figure was carpal which was really starting to annoy me as I'm a techie and always in front of a pc (home and work) is not even a bother. I hadn't even noticed it had stopped bothering me, but many take MSM for tennis elbow and joint pain so it makes sense it would affect that, too.

MSM is the least expensive thing you can try and it's worth experimenting with. And at GNC, I stock up when they have a buy one get one at 50% off.

There - how's that for info?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Foxy, you're right. I was taking 4500 mg a day (three 1500 mg tabs) and I started taking vitamin c later when I'd read the same thing. Every morning now it's 1500 mg MSM (don't need as much anymore now that skin and hair is optimal), 1 Centrum, and one vitamin c. I'm not a health nut by any stretch, but for results like this, I don't mind taking a handful of pills every day. Cheaper than a dermatologist any day!