Thursday, June 25


Well it's been two weeks of a raw food diet, I would say i'm 90% raw which is pretty good.
I have "cheated" a cookie, some ice cream, a cooked meal but other than that I feel pretty good about my progress.

My boyfreind bought me a SPIRALIZER which allows me to make a wonderful zucchini pasta

Changes I've noticed just in a few weeks:

extremely strong and fast growing nails and hair (my nails are usually weak )
I need very little or sometimes no deodorant
I no longer chew gum, my breath is always fresh
my skin is glowing and my skin tone is different, like a light tan, especially evident in pictures.
my hair, which has always been thick and healthy is growing in even curlier and darker than normal..and faster
I have lost a lot of puffiness in my body, especially my face, i'm still a size 12 but I am noticing a loss of inches around my stomach and legs.
I have more energy
I need less sleep ( this is something that I read happens to raw foodist)
no more undereye circles and puffiness, I havent used concealer in weeks, no need.
I dont need to wear foundation anymore, my skin looks so much better, dark spots have almost dissapeared.

this is not just a diet for me, its a lifestyle change that I plan to continue, I have a lot more weight to lose and a lot to learn about raw food but it's a wonderful experience and I recommend it for at least 7 days to ANYBODY.

here are some great websites and blogs that I have found recipes and inspiration from..take a look!



ju said...

thsnk you for this, i'm always interested in other alternatives to diet/lifestyle change.

Foxy not-so Brown said...

its worth some research ju..try it for a few days : )

Anonymous said...

I've had some raw food and it was delicious. Please keep us posted on the foods and recipes you are trying.

Foxy not-so Brown said...

I will tosh, i'm putting up my favorite recipe tonight..stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

I see you're keeping up with the raw food. I'm so proud of you. I've been on the Oxy Cleanse and it's for 5 days and it has been great!!!

Foxy not-so Brown said...

hey Nina, girl im glad you got the oxy powder!
im about ot order another bottle for myself...
after you are done try only fruits and veggies for a few you